Wednesday, March 26, 2014

III Sant Josep Spring Festival!!

Last 21st March was the first day of spring  and the Poetry World Day. To celebrate that  at the school, last Friday we enjoyed with different activities to awaken the senses.

In the morning the group Garbuix were playing for us, the concert called "Carnaval dels Animals".

In the afternoon we could all participate in the III Sant Josep Spring Festival. With the school repesentative  Joan Carles Moreno, member of the UNESCO Catalan schools, we all travelled through spring time  with the poems we read, and the wide variety of songs that we all sang.

Finally, please enjoy with all our poetry and musical shows!!

Different skills in Arts and Crafts

In Arts & Crafts the pupils in  1st grade have been using some cool techniques for their drawings.
First, each color was given a specific part and then we have been completing the drawing of the elephant and then coloring the inside, so that it creates a visul effect when you look at it from a distance.


Then, using some toothsticks we have been creating nice works with them, following the drawing we had done with the pencil.

Finally, we have used some modelling clay and with our fingers we have pushed it to fill the drawings. Then we have also varnished them so that they are bright!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spelling Bee Practice

In the 3rd grade we have started spelling the words for the Spelling Bee Contest, and so far, we have already practised quite a few words. These days we have the opportunity to do it with Shannon and Katie, and they help us a lot with the sounds and pronunciation.
As you'll listen in the next video, we are all doing it really well!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Design for Change

Design for Change is a global movement designed for the children, which gives them an opportunity to express their ideas and put them into practice in order to improve the world. 
Through a cooperative work, children can change real situations and improve them, and they are able to develop projects that affect them and their own community. 
Click below to know more about it!

The students of  6th grade have started this cooperative work with the "Residència Bon Repòs", very near to the school. The students are sharing their experiences with elderly people, and they play games, read, or they even go with them for a walk too! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Speaking Corner

In the English class of 5th grade we have made oral presentations in the  class for the activity called Speaking Corner. We have been working the vocabulary to make descriptions of different topics, such as a Unique Building or a Town and a City, and to do that, we have prepared nice posters with the descriptions and photos to show to the class. 
See the video to listen to our presentations!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Story time!

In the class of 4th Primary we have been reading a great story taken from the English book: The hungry rat.  We have read it, learnt it by heart and then in groups we have played the roles of the characters. The dramatizations have been really good, taking objects and wearing some pieces and clothes, as well as  imitating the voices of the characthers!

 See the video!