Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Wishes!

These days  in 5th grade as part of a speaking activity in the English class, we have prepared some Chirstmas wishes. First, we have written our wish and then we have shared it with the rest of the class.
Many of the wishes had lots of things in common, such as wishing the happiness for families and friends, gathering together in such special days. Obviously, receiving presents was expressed too, but other wishes were beyond that, and wanted the peace, love, joy and respect in the world.
It has been a really nice activity that we have all enjoyed doing it! 

See the video and enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Manga cartoon characters!

In 6th grade we have been working how to make descriptions and drawings of Manga characters. They had to invent one, give it a name, draw it and made the description too. It is nice to see how much they have enjoyed doing them, and there have been really nice works.

Enjoy with the photos and videos of their Mangas.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Araceli is here!

Araceli is the Language Assistant for this year. Here's her presentation and some photos of her with Primary and Batxillerat students.
My name is Araceli and I am very excited to be the language assistant this year for students in the 3rd- 6th grade primary and in the 1st and 2nd Batxillerat classes. I am 20 years old from the United States. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, located in California. But currently, I am studying abroad here in Spain. I’m attending my 3rd year of college at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, double-majoring in Sociology and Education Sciences. After I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school to attain a teaching credential and a Master’s degree in Education. My career goal is to become an elementary school teacher.
I am happy to be interning here at Sant Josep-Teresianes. As a native English speaker, I plan to help the students with pronunciation and conversation in general. I have many ideas that would allow everyone to practice speaking, but in a way that is enjoyable for them. I hope that over the course of our time working together, the students will feel more comfortable speaking English. I cannot wait to see their improvement in this language.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working on Cambridge exams!

We have already started the "Taller d'angl├Ęs" lessons, where we work on Cambridge exams.
There are four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, and we have practised Reading and Writing from 4th to 6th grades.
In 4th grade they made descriptions of Monsters or Aliens, and in 5th and 6th grades they designed Their favourite clothes at the weekend. Here are some pictures.
Have fun!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Josie's presentation!

Here below is Josie's presentation. She has joined the school as a Language Assistant in ESO.
Let's know more about her!

Hello everyone,
I'm Josie the new native English teacher in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th ESO.
I'm English, from a town called Weymouth on the South coast of England. 
I have lived in Barcelona for 2 years, and I love Spanish and Catalan culture.I hope the students will love English culture just as much.
I will be teaching 'desdoblament' classes for the entire school year, in order to improve speaking and listening skills. We will work on pronunciation and understanding, as well as vocabulary and conversation. I will give students the skills they need to prepare for the Cambridge KEY and PET exams. 
I am looking forward to making great progress with all the ESO students in English this year. 
See you around!