Friday, March 27, 2015

Describing more objects!

In 4th grade we have been describing more objects, as part of the daily routine the mini-teachers do in the Amco class.
Here are some more videos, and as in the previous one, all pupils have taken to class cute teddy bears, family photos, or some important objects that they appreciate and they want to share  with the rest of their classmates.
It's a great experience taking and talking about   all these objects in the class, and even more doing it in English!
Listen to them! It's great!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

St Patrick's day in Pre-school

Last 17th March was St Patrick's day and the litttle ones in Pre-schoool celebrated it in the afternoon.
To start with, we all saw two videos, the first one was about this festivity and about the legend of Leprechauns, and then we listened to the song called Little Leprechaun.
After that, Aimée and Leila dressep up in traditional costumes, showed us how to dance traditional dancings, and we followed their steps. We  coloured our faces too!
We all had a great time!!!

Here are the two videos!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

4th Sant Josep Spring Festival

Last 20th March we celebrated the 4th Sant Josep Spring Festival at the school. It was organised by Maurici, the Music teacher, who has been preparing this Festival. All Primary courses sang different songs, and some of the pupils played instruments too, such as flutes, saxophones, the violin, the piano... and they were all dressep up in different colours and styles!
We all spent a good time, enjoyed with the Festival, even the little ones of Pre-school !!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Fonix Contest year our school is participating in The Fonix Contest,  a contest aimed to improve the level of English language in the schools around Catalunya.
The first stage of the contest was carried out in the classrooms, where pupils had to pass a written test.
Only the best ones of each course could proceed into the next stage and their names are:
  • 5th grade Primary: Anna Karapetyan
  • 6th grade Primary: Marina Moncada
  • 3rd of ESO: Vitoria Palau
  • 4th of ESO: Mireia Romero
The second stage was last  28th February, and this year's regional theme was focused on Wild Animals and Their Habitats,  and in each category different tasks had to be developed. 

We expect the best for all  the participants and participating in this contest is a great step for all of us!!!