Monday, February 10, 2014

Joan Miró: our new artist!

At last, we have known the name of the artist we are going to work with in this new term: Joan Miró.

We think he is a very funny artist. He created a world of fantasy and colors, where the animals have three eyes, four noses, five legs... He also drew planets, stars.... The people were very different but they were in this fantastic world too.

Little by little we are going to discover more things about him and we are sure he is going to surprise us a lot.

The first work we have known is called “EL JARDÍ”. We have found birds, flowers, stones, worms, a peacock....

We have realised that in front of a Miro’s picture everyone can see things in a different way: where some people see a butterfly others see a flower.
The truth is that we are painting it quiet well.... Don’t you think?
 Have a look, please!

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