Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Congratulations Santa Teresa!

Last 15th October it was a very important day at our school.... Santa Teresa! And this year with renewed hopes, we walk to the fifth centenary of her birth!

We celebrated this event with many activities at the school. In the morning we prayed in the classes with a special time dedicated to her. Then, we prepared the classes, the corridors, and the playgrounds to record our LIPDUB, and after enjoying a longer time at the playground, everyone ready for ....

    3,2,1 action !!!! (You'll certainly enjoy it)

In the afternoon we carried out the activity called "Apadrinament", where students from 4th Primary to 3rd of ESO  gave as a present balloons to pupils from P3 to 3rd Primary, and they shared this time to talk or draw.
And later we all had chocolate and we danced!
It was a special day for everyone!

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