Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Fonix Contest

http://the-fonix.org/This year our school is participating in The Fonix Contest,  a contest aimed to improve the level of English language in the schools around Catalunya.
The first stage of the contest was carried out in the classrooms, where pupils had to pass a written test.
Only the best ones of each course could proceed into the next stage and their names are:
  • 5th grade Primary: Anna Karapetyan
  • 6th grade Primary: Marina Moncada
  • 3rd of ESO: Vitoria Palau
  • 4th of ESO: Mireia Romero
The second stage was last  28th February, and this year's regional theme was focused on Wild Animals and Their Habitats,  and in each category different tasks had to be developed. 

We expect the best for all  the participants and participating in this contest is a great step for all of us!!! 

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