Friday, January 31, 2014

A week of celebrations!

This week we have had two celebrations, last 27th January it was Sant Enric d'Osso and on 30th January the World Peace Day.
On Sant Enric d'Osso's Day the students of 3rd of ESO prepared some cool activities for all the school, such as sport activities, memory games, magic activities and so on.
Then in the afternoon all the students of the school danced in a Flashmob, following the music and all of us dancing at the same time! Finally we had some hot chocolate too!!!

 On Thursday we all gathered together at the playground and we made the symbol of Peace with some white balloons. We read the Peace Manifest and then let the balloons go up in the sky. In the end we also read some nice compositions about "Quin món voldria jo".

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